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The Best of iPod Killerz 2012 Is Out!

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iPod Killerz Vol 19 & 20 Uploading now…check it

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Juicy featuring DJ Stanley (Jakarta Indonesia)

DJ Stanley @ Immigrant nightclub in Jakarta Indonesia

Passport Pimpin’ Volume 6 Mix CD Preview

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DJ Stanley In Taiwan July 2011

Ciroc presents DJ Stanley at Cloud9 HCMC

Ciroc presents DJ Stanley 2011

iPod Killerz Mixtape is here!

Best of iPod Killerz Vol 2

Checkout the sampler of iPod Killerz Mixtape by DJ Stanley

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Hennessy Artistry Taiwan 2010

Hennessy Artistry Taiwan 2010

IPOD KILLERZ # 16, 17 & 18 PREVIEW | 收听和下载DJ Stanley 的混音

16 DJ Stanley – iPodKillerz Vol 16

17 DJ Stanley – iPodKillerz Vol 17

18 DJ Stanley – iPodKillerz Vol 18